Ombré is great for creating a look that can light up your face, or raise the profile of your eyebrows with a bolder look. Ombré itself is a gradual lightening of the hair meaning that you hair starts off dark and lightens towards the ends. 

What is Ombré

Ombré means ‘shadow’ in French. It’s a technique that leaves the colour at the roots darker and begins to lighten towards the ends. Depending on your preference you can either go for a soft transition from root to tip or a bolder transition. 

Hair colour is no longer one-dimensional. Ombré has evolved into hair trend that has shown little sign of slowing down. The technique has made way for further techniques such as Reverse Ombré, Sombre and even Balayage which all have their place in the modern trends of hair colouring. 

Looking to experiment with your hair colour or looking for something a little bolder and statement? Ombré could well be the colour technique for you. 

With Bright Colours

Ombré is a popular hair technique that offers clients variations in complimentary or contrasting colour options.

If you want to experiment with this look, but don’t want to commit to a permanent change to your hair colour, I suggest adding in dyed hair extensions to add that to that playful look.

What is reverse Ombré and Sombré?

Reverse Ombré isn’t as popular as Ombré and can be seen as a more dramatic and unnatural look to its counterpart. Reverse Ombré is quite simply the opposite to an Ombré colouring. It root starts lighter and transitions darker toward the tips of the hair. 

I suggest transitioning to softer darker tones at the roots to achieve a more natural look. 

How do I know if it’s right for me?

Ombré is a colour trend that allows you to make bold and striking statements with your hair as your deep and dark roots transition to pastel or vibrant shades. 

If you want to experiment with different shades, Ombré is the colour technique for you. It allows you to combine shades when you can’t decide on just one! 

How should I take care of it?

As an Ombré hair colouring involves bleach, I suggest that all my clients have Olaplex added to their application. Olaplex helps create stronger, healthier, shinier hair while allowing your colour to last longer.

Ensure you use colour protecting shampoo and conditioner and apply a weekly deep conditioning mask to ensure your hair colour looks and feels healthy. 


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" For years I had desired the perfect JLO blonde!! But was constantly disappointed with hairdresser not getting the right tones and always cutting to much off which is a big no no with curly hair. A friend recommended me Leanna because she had said she is excellent with colours and I have never looked back.

Being very honest,realistic, highly skilled and professional was a breath of fresh air. I got my desired look and an amazing multi skilled hairdresser. Whom understands different types of hair my curly locks are now beautiful and bouncy. With Leanna’s perfect magical hands… " 


" Leanna has been cutting my hair for almost ten years and I couldn't be happier. Finding a hairdresser you trust who understands exactly what you want but will also tell you if she doesn't think it will suit me is not easy. Leanna loves and really cares about what she does and she even came all the way to Norfolk to do my hair for my wedding. Probably the best hairdresser I have ever had and at the age of 51 I have had quite a few! "

– Chix, The wine parlor

" I struggled to find a London hairdresser who actually listened to how I wanted my hair cut until I met Leanna - now I would never let anyone else touch my hair! I trust her and she’s got years of experience - I can’t recommend her enough. As well as being a highly skilled hair stylist, Leanna is also hilarious and makes every appointment a real laugh. ” 

– Issy