Hair Extensions

lasting Hair Extensions 

Dreaming of long beautiful hair, but struggle growing it past a certain length. Want fuller hair but can’t just get past the damaged hair and can’t wait to grow it out. Then hair extensions are right for you. 

Not only can they completely change your image and your look but they provide you with endless possibilities.  

Hair Extension Application

I offer a full hair extension service to my clients including cutting, styling and colouring. Making sure you have a seamless integration between your hair extensions and your hair. One of the most important things about hair extensions is getting the colour integrity right. I can seamlessly blend the extensions into your natural hair colour or add a balayage to your new hair extensions.

Not only am I professional and careful in my application, I pride myself on helping you take care of your hair extensions once you they are complete.

Hair Extensions With Leanna 

I offer a range of hair extensions from leading industry experts. I offer high quality natural extensions guaranteeing natural, wavy and  fuller hair. I use only the best quality human hair and make sure that whatever style you choose, your hair will look yours.

After your free consultation on your hair extension requirements, I will order your extensions and have you back in a chair within a couple days for application. 


I offer a free consultation to all clients. I’ll sit down with you and have your hair assessed, to provide advice on the type and amount of hair extensions required to achieve the look you are after.

It’s important that I really understand what your everyday look is going to be and how often you are intending to use styling tools so that I can best advise you on after care.

Day of Application

I will show you the hair extensions you have ordered and that I have coloured to your specifications. I either colour the extensions before your appointment (to match your natural colour) or on the day if you are having a colour service alongside your extensions service.

I’ll then wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any excess product off your hair. It is then time for you to sit back and relax while the application takes place.

Depending on your hair, the hair extensions ordered and the quantity, your service can take between 1-8 hours.

After Care

I want to ensure that your extensions look fresh and stay in great condition for as long as possible and to prevent any lasting damage to your natural hair.

  • Use a soft brush when brushing your hair and brush your hair gently so you do not damage or break the bonds or tape. 
  • Never comb your hair backwards to avoid damaging the extensions and the mattifying of your hair
  • Brush over your nano-bond extensions to prevent hair mattifying at the roots
  • Separate the hair between your roots and bonds to prevent your natural hair mattifying
  • Loosely tie your hair up when sleeping or playing sports etc.
  • Use hair products formulated as safe for hair extensions, your stylist will be able to advise you on these
  • Ensure your heated styling tools don’t come into contact with the bonds or tape part of the hair extensions as this may cause them to melt
  • Wait 24 hours to wash your hair after your extensions have been applied
  • Brush your hair before shampooing and wash gently to avoid tangling your hair
  • Always wash your hair standing upright and never in the bath upside down, to avoid the excess weight pulling at your extensions and the root of your hair
  • Always have a hair stylist remove your hair extensions to prevent damage to your natural hair, never attempt to remove your extensions yourself


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" For years I had desired the perfect JLO blonde!! But was constantly disappointed with hairdresser not getting the right tones and always cutting to much off which is a big no no with curly hair. A friend recommended me Leanna because she had said she is excellent with colours and I have never looked back.

Being very honest,realistic, highly skilled and professional was a breath of fresh air. I got my desired look and an amazing multi skilled hairdresser. Whom understands different types of hair my curly locks are now beautiful and bouncy. With Leanna’s perfect magical hands… " 


" Leanna has been cutting my hair for almost ten years and I couldn't be happier. Finding a hairdresser you trust who understands exactly what you want but will also tell you if she doesn't think it will suit me is not easy. Leanna loves and really cares about what she does and she even came all the way to Norfolk to do my hair for my wedding. Probably the best hairdresser I have ever had and at the age of 51 I have had quite a few! "

– Chix, The wine parlor

" I struggled to find a London hairdresser who actually listened to how I wanted my hair cut until I met Leanna - now I would never let anyone else touch my hair! I trust her and she’s got years of experience - I can’t recommend her enough. As well as being a highly skilled hair stylist, Leanna is also hilarious and makes every appointment a real laugh. ” 

– Issy